Grace Winery is the newest addition to the Sweetwater Farm family.

The idea for the winery came about from the question, “What are you going to do with the old barn?”¬†which was posed to us many times over the years. The answer varied depending on who was asked, but the winery concept always seemed to be part of the answer. In 2007, a recipient of the answer helped push us along by arranging a meeting with a group of people in the wine industry. Next time we turned around we had ordered vines and a tractor was delivered.

The name Grace Winery and the dragonfly are a tribute to proprietor Chris Le Vine’s sister Gracie, who owned Sweetwater Farm prior to Chris and his wife Vicki taking over the property in 1999.

The Barn

The barn originally dates back to the 1750s. It was used as a malting barn to malt barley for distilled spirits, and over the years it was altered many times to be used for livestock, storage and parties.

By the mid–2000s it was in disrepair. The renovations began in December 2008 and were completed in April 2010.

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