Meet our new Winemaker

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The Inn at Grace Winery Family is thrilled to introduce the newest member of our team Andrew Yingst. Andrew joins us most recently from Folino Estate in Kutztown Pa with a passion for his craft. He is excited to share his talent, knowledge and a glass of wine with you.


When did you know that you wanted to be a winemaker? I was inspired when I took a trip to New Zealand. I found that there are different styles of wines based on terroir. This drove me to begin to learn and experiment with different styles of wine and grapes.


What is your favorite part about making wine? It is a combination of disciplines such as agriculture and chemistry. I enjoy being able to explore the different applications of these sciences in order to create something that people will enjoy. And of course, it’s never boring.


What is your least favorite part, if there is?  It takes a long amount of time and planning to produce a final product. I’m impatient! Some wines, once fermented, are all but finished products. Others you have to wait years before bottling, and then even more years before drinking to experience the wine at it’s peak. When making the wine you have a vision of where it’s going, what it will become. It’s tough knowing that all you can do is wait until it gets there.


What are you most excited about now that you work at the Inn at Grace Winery? I’m excited about the high standards that are held here for wine. It is my mission to produce a wine of the best quality. I’m very excited to work here and in the future.


Let’s get into the fun stuff…favorites:

Drink that isn’t wine? A good pale ale.


Favorite type of wine? A full red blend.


Food? Cheeseburgers

If you were to have a glass of wine with what would it be?

I’ve put a lot of thought into this as a cheeseburger is my “desert island” choice. I would reach for a big, bold Italian blend consisting of the sangiovese and teroldego grapes varieties. The grapes balance each other out so well while delivering a complexity perfect for any red meat.


Place to travel? Maine, I take family vacations there.


Sports team? New York Yankees.

Hmmmmm we will have to work on that 😉


What can we look forward to in the 2018 harvest? 

From most reports of the area as well as looking at our own vineyard, the 2018 vintage is looking good; allowing us to try something unique this year. As I’m new at Grace, I’m very excited to be putting my imprint on an already well-established winery.